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The Arts

From Visual to Performing Arts, CJDS students are encouraged to explore their creative sides and become empowered with the skills they develop as artists.

Visual Arts


Visual Arts Specialist Rachel Treister, the force behind our beautifully decorated campus.

Visual arts is fostered in students' designated art class several times a week and integrated into the classroom to deepen the scope of a unit. Creative expression is integral to educating the whole child and allows students to challenge themselves while building a strong art vocabulary. Art enhances a student's learning through the practice of self-reflection, experimentation, and perseverance while learning technical skills through the exploration of different mediums and materials. In addition, students take a deep dive into studies about art from different periods in history to broaden their knowledge of a unit.

A walk through the CJDS hallways and classrooms tells the story of a dynamic art program - self-portraits, paintings, collages, ceramics, and more adorn the walls and display cabinets. Our unique and artistic aesthetic reflects the creativity of our teachers and the trust and willingness of our students to learn from them while breaking new ground to create beauty.  

Performing Arts

Our Arts Program is a fundamental component of the middle school curriculum and provides an integral outlet for student expression. Students sing, dance, design, and create their way through the realms of visual, technical, and fine arts. Our program meets for an hour and a half weekly and culminates in the middle school musical where students do everything from sewing costumes to working lighting boards. Our students’ talents evolve throughout this production process as they incorporate their instrumental musical talents, backstage organization, costume designing and more.  The program is unique because it is constructed with the combined vision and efforts of both our students and faculty. This allows students the opportunity to work alongside their peers, educators, and visiting artists in new and profound ways. This truly special experience offers a unique venue to celebrate perseverance and build community.

CJDS has put on several musical productions for our community such as Grease, Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, School of Rock The Musical, Bye Bye Birdie, Mamma Mia, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat and Singin' in the Rain.

Tracks are focused on:

  • Marketing and Publicity: bi-weekly newsletter, social media advertising, photography, student-designed apparel, lower school and middle school PR
  • Arts: set design, artist studies self-portraiture
  • Performance: blocking, performing and vocalizing
  • Dance: movement and choreography
  • Stage Management: staging, props, lighting, sound, direction

Arts Faculty

Rachel Treister
Visual Arts Specialist

Tamar Shapira
Art Specialist

Jill Schwartz
Middle School Musical Director

Rachel Pickus
Middle School Musical Producer