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the diversity of their present and the possibilities for their future.

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One hallmark of CJDS is our dedication to programming across the grades of the school. We believe significant learning occurs when students have the opportunity to interact with other students, both younger and older. In addition to informal opportunities, our Mishpachot (families)  programming promotes a mentoring and cooperative learning relationship between older and younger children.

Students are assigned to a school mishpacha with a faculty member and students from each grade. Together in their mishpachot, students participate in school-wide Shabbat and holiday celebrations, along with set learning times that are built into the year. By connecting with people within the larger CJDS community that they might not ordinarily spend time with, unique bonds are made and very quickly, mishpachot time begins to feel like home!

Mishpachot (Family) Names

Yerushalayim                          Tiberias
Tel Aviv                                     Herzelia
Modin                                       Tsfat
Haifa                                         Jaffa
Be'er Sheva                             Petach Tikvah
Netanya                                   Ashkelon
Ashdod                                    Rishon L'Tziyon
Eilat                                          Karmiel