Chicago Jewish Day School

Student Services

The CJDS Reach program is a systematic and structured learning resources program intended to meet the academic needs of our students. Reach provides individual and small group pull-out academic instruction in the areas of emerging reading skills, reading decoding and fluency, reading comprehension, mathematics and written expression. We also provide Reach services for Hebrew to enhance their second language. Reach services are more intensive and individualized supplementary regular education services that are provided in a small group setting. Students are referred to the Reach program when they do not effectively respond to instructional differentiation in the classroom. It is emphasized that Reach services are provided as a supplement to classroom instruction.
School Psychologist
Our CJDS school psychologist supports teachers in both the classroom and the Reach Department. The school psychologist collaborates with teachers and parents to support children’s academic and social and emotional needs in the classroom. This may include classroom observations, teacher and parent collaboration, and the development of student learning plans to meet our students’ needs.
School Social Worker
The CJDS school social worker supports our community through connections with classrooms, faculty, small groups and individual students. Strategies used include skill-building, conflict resolution, and group dynamics. The goal of the school social worker is to help students participate in classroom settings in positive, productive members of our classroom communities.
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