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Introducing the CJDS Illustrated "Torah"
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In our vibrant school community, the spirit of Simchat Torah ignited a remarkable project - the School Torah, a masterpiece born from the creative souls of our students.

It all began with Morah Lianne’s Middle School students and their passion for storytelling. Each Torah portion became their canvas, and they embarked on a journey of research to capture the essence of these sacred tales in vivid illustrations. With the stroke of black pens, they breathed life into these stories. As their artistic journey concluded, they passed the Torah, filled with their artistic interpretations, to the eager hands of the lower school.

In the lower school, a colorful transformation took place. Each class took its turn, filling the intricate outlines with a palette of vibrant colors. Meanwhile, the early childhood students prepared Torah Covers- Torah Mantles and a belt adding their unique touch to this communal masterpiece.

This illustrated "Torah” is a symbol of unity and shared creativity that has embarked on a journey of its own. It has traversed through the halls of our school and grade to grade, just as the wisdom of the Torah has been passed down - “L’dor v’dor” through generations.

On Friday, at our school-wide Simchat Torah celebration, Grade 1 students led the Torah to our gathering where we welcomed this beautiful creation that was lovingly crafted by the hands of our students. 

This Torah became a living testament to the unity, creativity, and spirit of Simchat Torah that binds our school community together. As we gathered to celebrate, we marveled at the beauty and richness of our shared heritage, both in the timeless words of the Torah and in the vibrant colors of our very own School Torah.