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Grade 5 and Kindergarten Collaborate for Greater Impact
  • Community
  • Lower School
  • Tikkun Olam

“Can we make bracelets to send to Israel?” was the first question Kindergarteners asked when hearing about “sad events” taking place in Israel. Giving to others was instinctual, and they got to work creating beautiful bracelets. In the days to come, many grades had students anxious to do something beyond the cards they sent earlier. Grade 5 joined forces with Kindergarten to host a "Crafts and Candy" sale. Grade 5 kicked off the venture with a lesson from Assaf Grumberg, CJDS parent and development specialist, to learn how to create a fundraising web page. Students created QR-coded flyers to direct donations to the FIDF and support past Shinishinim who are now serving in the IDF. This collaboration highlights how empathy-driven acts unite a community and create a global impact.