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An Explanation of Tu BiShvat "Kindness Tree" by Director of Campus Life Hagit Lewis
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In a heartwarming celebration of Tu BiShvat, all students embarked on a creative journey that goes beyond the realms of art. Through the "Symbolic Seeds of Kindness" project, each student was tasked with drawing a portrait or depicting an act of kindness. As Tu BiShvat signifies a time to plant for a fruitful future, these artistic expressions beautifully symbolize the seeds of kindness that our students have sown throughout the year.

The essence of Tu BiShvat is encapsulated in the vibrant colors and intricate details of the drawings, each telling a unique story of compassion, unity, and positive change. These symbolic seeds of חסד (kindness) were carefully nurtured by our students, creating a mosaic of goodwill that adorns our school community.

This Tu BiShvat, as we plant these metaphorical seeds, our collective efforts aim to cultivate a tree vibrant with the colors of student kindness. The Kindness Tree stands tall as a powerful symbol of אחדות (unity) and positivity within our school community. It reflects the remarkable growth of compassion and kindness, each drawing representing a contribution to the overall beauty of our shared environment.

As we gaze upon this magnificent creation, we witness not just a tree but a living testament to the values instilled in our students. The Symbolic Seeds of Kindness project has not only allowed our students to showcase their artistic talents but has also fostered a sense of community, empathy, and the profound impact that small acts of kindness can have on the world around us.