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Touring the New Campus
Abbe Roth

We thank Adrienne Kriezelman, Chair of JUF Women’s Division, and JUF Staff organizers, Elissa Kagan and Jordyn Grollo for bringing this meeting to our campus.

In addition, this week we welcomed a group of seven learning specialist professionals: Alyse Seigel, Carol Sonnenschein, Marilyn Freund, Katie Blehart, Ann Johnson, Gail Connelly Baker, and Angela Murphy. Here were their reactions to the tour and new campus:

"It was a wonderful and informative tour today. The consensus from our group it that it was the best tour we have had in years!" 

"We were so blown away by the school and the new campus. As we left, we were all talking about how impressive she [Cortney] is and what a great spokesperson she is for the school. Our group goes on “field trips” a couple times a year to look at different schools and programs and by far, hands-down, she was the most impressive spokesperson for any school we’ve visited."

"Thank you so much for the fabulous tour this morning! I know we were all incredibly impressed with every aspect of the school and how you so thoroughly covered every imaginable question we could’ve had before we even asked.”