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Introducing the Susan and Bob Mednick Gateway to Learning
Judy Finkelstein-Taff

Dear CJDS Community,

Monday was a momentous day in CJDS history as we officially dedicated our front entranceway as the "Susan and Bob Mednick Gateway to Learning." We were delighted to honor Susan and Bob, along with many of their friends and family who joined us. After all, this wasn't just any dedication. The Mednicks have championed Chicago Jewish Day School since its inception when Bob joined the board, thanks the persuasive manner of Wendy Platt Newberger. Their support and involvement were vital in those early days. Bob’s critical eye and his professional and financial expertise were truly invaluable throughout his service on our board.

What has always been remarkable about Bob and Susie is that they didn't need CJDS in their busy lives; rather, it was us that needed them. They have always cared deeply about ensuring the Jewish community's future through Jewish education. When our Grade 8 students started taking annual trips to Israel, Bob and Susie made it their business to meet our students and have at least one dinner with the group. Bob and Susie even spent a morning with our students when they met with Israeli politician, Natan Sharansky. 

Each day when we walk by this plaque, we will be reminded of the contributions of Bob and Susie Mednick to Chicago Jewish Day School. We are forever grateful. 

*The plaque reads: "Blessed are you when you come in and blessed are you when you go out," - taken from Devarim, referred to as Deuteronomy in English but literally translated means “words.” These simple words, Boachem L'shalom and Tzatchem l’shalom are also in our CJDS school song.

As we head into Labor Day weekend and Rosh Hashanah, we want to wish all of our families a happy and healthy New Year. While we pray for guidance navigating all of our challenges both personally and globally, from the pandemic to climate change to societal tensions both here and abroad, the one place where we can witness joy, laughter, and the best of humanity is right here at CJDS. Shana tova u'metuka, may you have a happy, healthy, and sweet New Year.