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Support to Texas and Louisiana: JUF Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
Alex Treyger
In addition to our donations, prayer is another tool that the Jewish community has embraced throughout history as a way of expressing  our way requests and our appreciation, our sadness, and our hopefulness. Please find an excerpt from a moving prayer posted on the website:
Avinu Shebashamyim:
We ask, as this hurricane approaches land and approaching our brothers and sisters, that You shelter all who will be in its path. Watch over everyone, their loved ones, friends, and fellow people, many of whom are preparing to evacuate. Guard them as they prepare, perhaps to leave their homes again. Give them strength, courage, and resolve to ride out this storm; answer their prayers and ours that they be blessed with goodness and be spared from harm.
Baruch ata Adonai, Elohanu Melech Haolam she kocho u-gevurato maleh olam.
Blessed are You, Source of Life and Nature, whose awesome power and strength fill our world and inspire us to be strong in the face of all of life's difficulties.
Excerpted from a prayer posted by Rabbi Fred Guttman,
We pray for the end to this terrible act of nature,
The CJDS Educational Leadership Team and Board of Trustees