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New Playground is NOW OPEN!
Abbe Roth

Dear CJDS Community,

The Dr. Carol Fuchs Kaufman Playground officially opened on Wednesday! Each grade level had the opportunity to tour and explore our new, natural playground integrated with the new Perlow Family Sports Court!

 “Children learn through play. They must be active participants in the construction of knowledge and need concrete experiences to shape thoughts and concepts. Teachers provide materials and an enriched environment so that children can be challenged and totally involved in play.” -CJDS Educational Philosophy

This excerpt, taken directly from our Educational Philosophy, was evident in new ways as students began to explore our beautiful new outdoor educational environment. As GRG Playscapes states in their mission statement, “We believe unscripted outdoor play builds generations of healthy risk-taking, compassionate and amazingly well-rounded human beings.”

Our playground includes garden beds, an outdoor stage, climbing zone, saucer swings, rain garden, messy materials play area, a pergola, state-of-the-art basketball court and so much more! In addition to these highlights, this playground encourages collaborative, imaginative play with tree limbs, loose items, and other natural materials for the students to use their creativity during recess.   

The joy of seeing our students enjoy this new addition to our school life is palpable. 

We look forward to inviting parents with their children to join in the exploration of this outdoor wonderland for our opening celebration, which will be announced in the near future.

We also want to express our thanks and appreciation to the generous donors who made all our new campus facilities a reality.

In addition, we are grateful to GRG Playscapes and Principals John and Don La Pointe, and their entire crew who looked at a beautiful design on paper and brought it to life through their artistry and passion for this new and exciting way to approach outdoor play/education. Thank you to Nature Explore for taking us through the design process with GRG Playscapes and to all, administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and students who participated in the design process last year.

As always, we are also grateful to JUF, Susan Kessler, Jerry DeAngelis and their respective departments for serving as a tremendous resource to us for this part of our new campus project. To Anat Geva, our CJDS Board President, Wendy Platt Newberger, our Capital Campaign Chair, and Adam Levine, our New Campus Project Chair, we hope you will have many years of “nachas” (joy) from seeing CJDS students playing on the magnificent Dr. Carol Fuchs Kaufman Playground.

Shabbat Shalom and enjoy the pictures,

Ms. J (Judy)