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Learning & Playing in Our "Wide Open Spaces"
Judy Finkelstein-Taff


Grade 3 students enjoying CJDS chairs

Now, more than ever, we are counting our blessings for our vast amount of green space options. This space starkly contrasts with our previous campus location on Sheridan Road. We couldn't have predicted before we relocated to California Ave. two and a half years ago how much we would benefit as we optimize our learning spaces amid this pandemic. 

The most encouraging takeaway from the last few weeks has been witnessing how connections between peers are enhanced by our outdoor spaces. After months of being separated from their friends, students are delighted to interact and play with each other. They quickly adapted to social distancing protocols and are thriving. Children are resilient and they continue to impress us each day.

We want to remind our community to be mindful about risks and exposures while holiday planning. The holidays are, of course, typically a time for religious gatherings and families and friends to share meals. Unfortunately, this is a year that must be approached differently. We must carefully assess the choices we make and keep the health and safety of our community in mind.

We wish you an enjoyable and relaxing Labor Day weekend.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. J (Judy)