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High Five to the Fifth Bus!
Abbe Roth

While we are in the reflection and appreciation mode, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank both the CJDS Board of Trustees and the CJDS staff who spearhead and oversee our school-wide transportation system. We moved to our new campus last April and have been monitoring our buses and bus routes ever since. As you may or may not think about, as a consumer of CJDS transportation, every year students graduate and new students are admitted. This change in our student body also changes the needs of our bus transportation system. So organizing bus transportation is no easy task!

Early on this year, we realized that students were on buses longer than we liked and often buses were late for school. We engaged in a process of analyzing how we could solve some of these challenges and what we could do that would be the least disruptive to families and the routines that had already been established. The idea that emerged as the most desirable solution included adding a bus to our routes. We realized that if we could add a bus and adjust the stops so that each bus didn't have to make as many stops, routes could be shortened to and from school without anyone having to change bus stops or be inconvenienced. Everyone taking the bus would win. However, this solution created an increase in our expenses. We also didn’t want to have to increase the cost of taking the bus in the middle of the school year. Thanks to our wonderful bus company, Ron’s Transportation,and the negotiation skills of our Director of Operations, Wendy Kline, our Bus Coordinator, Tamar Shapira, and transportation staff advisors, Jill Kushnir LeVee, Cortney Stark Cope and Liz Erlich, we were able to work with Anat Geva, our CJDS Board President, to present a proposal to our Board of Trustees that would be financially viable in order to make the changes mid-year.

The Board, acknowledging the importance of our transportation system, gave its blessing to the added expense and not passing on any increase to our parents. We want to publicly express our appreciation to our CJDS Board of Trustees for supporting this change.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. J (Judy)