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Message from Ms. J and Strategic Plan Appreciation
Jen Minkus

Dear CJDS Community, 

This past week we completed the information-gathering portion of our strategic planning process. Many of our stakeholders participated in focus groups, round tables, individual meetings, and phone calls. We are grateful to the co-chairs of this effort: Katie Dealy Polansky, Ann Luban, and David Desser, along with President, Anat Geva, and incoming President, Stacy Raviv. Special thanks and appreciation to Liz Erlich, who coordinated all of the logistics for this site visit. Thank you to the Prizmah Team leader, Dan Perla, and team visitors, Amy Adler, Dan Perla, Mark Shinar, and Traci Stratford, for leading this process so effectively. Please see the list of names below which gives you a glimpse into how many voices were heard, in addition to the over 100 parents who returned the survey.

The next step for the Prizmah Team will be to synthesize the information and bring it back to our Strategic Planning Committee. After review by this committee and through work with our board and program leadership, we will establish priorities, which will result in a five-year strategic plan. This plan will serve as a compass as we negotiate the next several years. We will keep you posted as the process continues.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our strategic planning process. We deeply appreciate your important contributions to Chicago Jewish Day School. Thank you to:

Amy Adler

Elizabeth Alpern

Chava Alpert

Debbie Barack

Alice Benjamin

Penina Berdugo

Caroline Berkowitz

Talia Berkwits

Henry Bernstein

Kate Burstein

Rabbi Shoshanah Conover

Jonathan Cope

Tamar Cytryn

Katie Dealy Polansky

David Desser

Jonathan Edelman

Liz Erlich

Zivya Feifel

Rabbi Josh Feigelson

Karen Fraiman

Levana Fruend

Iris Gafni-Kane

Anat Geva

Jamie Gliksberg

Jay Goodgold

Karen Goodgold

Barbara Gordon

Daniel Gorlin

Ashlyn Gorlin

Nitai Gorlin

Micah Green

Malkah Groner

Lianne Gross

Cara Gutstein

Deborah Hamilton

Ariana Handelman

Maxine Handelman

Nina Harris

Noa Heinrich

Paulette Herbstmann

Brooke Herzsage

Rachel Jaffe

Wendy Kline

Jill Kushnir LeVee

Will Lennon

Michal Lerner

Adam Levine

Irit Levy

Lisa Lieberman

David Lipschultz

Susie Lorge

Ann Luban

Rachel Luban

Hadar Markin

Bob Mednick

Jen Minkus

Reva Nelson

Shira Newberger

Dan Perla

Erica Phillips

Nina Pickus

Rachel Pickus

Wendy Platt Newberger

Jenny Puchtel

Eden Raviv

Stacy Raviv

Robyn Reise

Marc Rubenstein

David Rubovitz

Shira Schwarz

Avi Shapira

Jesse Shapira

Tamar Shapira

Naomi Shapiro

Mark Shinar

Rabbi Michael Siegel

Libby Smoler

Andrew Sollinger

Rachel Sollinger

Esther Solooki

Cortney Stark Cope

Eitan Stieber

David Stone

Traci Stratford

Ariel Strubel Iram

Rachel Treister

Alex Treyger

Rachel Warach

Carrie Weber-Greenberg

Ira Weiss

Andrew Weprin

Rabbi David Wolkenfeld

Samantha Worth

Cindy Zadikoff

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. J (Judy)