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Middle School's Incredible Production of "Mamma Mia!" at Chicago Jewish Day School
Jen Minkus

Dear CJDS Community,

Thank you for supporting our Middle School Musical through the full house attendance we experienced each night. This year’s production of "Mamma Mia!" was spectacular! During intermission last night, each and every person I spoke with commented on how the joy and enthusiasm of the cast and crew was palpable. Everyone in the room seemed really moved not only by the talent displayed, but also by how much the students were enjoying themselves on stage. Thank you to Morah Jill Schwartz for her leadership and the entire Musical Team: Morah Rachel Treister, Alex Schnitzer, Paulette Herbstman, Morah Jessica Glick, Morah Kate Burstein, Abbe Roth, and Mike Patrick. Thank you to the entire Operations Department, especially Esther Solooki, Naomi Shapiro, and Wendy Kline, along with our security and maintenance teams. Thank you to Rachel Pickus, Director of the Middle School, along with the entire Middle School Faculty and our Middle School Parents for their support of the musical.

Moving right along, next week we will welcome our Prizmah Strategic Planning professionals who will arrive from New York and Israel to facilitate our strategic planning process. We have already begun bringing stakeholders together thanks to technology and the zoom meeting platform.

All parents should have already received an email from Anat, outlining the goals of the strategic plan and a request to complete a survey provided by Prizmah, which will give everyone in our parent community the opportunity to have their voice heard in this process.

During the upcoming week, we have organized focus groups both in person and in video formats. If you have not been contacted and would like to participate in the strategic planning process, please contact Liz Erlich, our Director of Finance, who is coordinating the scheduling. Thank you to our Strategic Planning Leadership Team: Ann Luban, Katie Dealy Polansky, David Desser, Anat Geva, Stacy Raviv and Liz Erlich, along with our appreciation to the Prizmah Team, Dan Perla, Traci Stratford, Amy Wasserman, and Marc Shinar. We all look forward to the creation of a new road map which will chart the course of CJDS in the next chapter of our development!

Yashar Koach to our Middle School and Shabbat Shalom,

 Ms. J (Judy)