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Walk for Water in JUF News!
Abbe Roth

Hot off the press! CJDS Grade 7 students featured in the JUF News for their Walk for Water initiative. Thank you to CJDS Parent, Paul Wieder  for writing the article and joining our Grade 7 students on their walk!

Chicago Jewish Day School students ‘Walk for Water’

"How does it feel to walk three miles-lugging a jug of water?

Seventh graders at Chicago Jewish Day School (CJDS) wanted to know. They had learned that, in South Sudan, villagers often must walk more than three miles, sometimes several times a day, just to get clean water-leaving little time for education.

To help, the class is raising money toward building a well in South Sudan. They started with a walkathon during Succot, symbolically recreating the South Sudanese experience by walking more than three miles carrying water jugs..."

JUF News Article