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Our Physical Education program has never been more exciting!
Jen Minkus

This year, CJDS hired two full-time faculty members, Morim Eric Lindau and Justin Drexler, to develop and run a top shelf Physical Education Program. Combined, Moreh Eric and Justin have over 35 years of teaching and coaching experience and have implemented new programs and philosophies, resulting in school-wide enthusiasm for physical education.

Success comes in many forms and definitions. To keep it simple, Eric and Justin define success in P.E. as “one in which a child has tried new sports/activities, enjoyed them, and is enthusiastic about participating in the future.” As they focus on new skills with the students, they will continue to emphasize the value of good sportsmanship, aspects of fitness, and healthy lifestyle choices and habits.

It is exciting to see students engaging in new forms of physical activity under the leadership and encouragement from their new teachers. Eric and Justin look forward to implementing new units in the physical education curriculum this year, including: Yoga, Krav Maga, and Adapted Sports to name a few. Be sure to ask your child about their weekly P.E. participation!