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Mitzvah Moment: Grade 5 Delivers Donations to Care for Real and Raises Money for Make A Wish Foundation
Abbe Roth

Grade 5 students are organizing two tzedakah market opportunities to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  • (No Bake) Bake Sale-Wednesday, January 9th
  • Craft Sale-Wednesday, January 16th

Yesterday, Grade 5 students delivered all of the articles and needed items to Care for Real. Its mission is to help neighbors in the Edgewater community by providing food, clothing and counseling services to those in need. Care for Real appreciated all of the donations (and the volunteer effort from the Grade 5 students)!

Thank you to our Grade 5 students and all of our CJDS students for weaving values of Tikun Olam.

Social Justice (Tikun Olam

Chicago Jewish Day School weaves values of Tikun Olam (repairing the world) into every aspect of the school experience. 

A sense of community and responsibility for oneself and others isn’t confined to the classroom; indeed, students are helped to explore how they fit into widening circles of care that extend beyond self, beyond friends, beyond their own religious/denominational group, and beyond their own country. Opportunities are offered not only to learn about but also to put into action, a commitment to diversity and to improving the lives of others. -CJDS Educational Philosophy Statement