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Middle School Explores Innovation!
Abbe Roth

Last Friday, the middle school students had the opportunity to experience part of the innovation process. Using the 125th Anniversary of the World's Fair in Chicago as the launchpad and looking at innovation over the years both here and in Israel, students worked in multi-age groups to brainstorm problems they encounter with functionality throughout their day and then come up with innovative solutions. Problems identified ranged from not enough storage space in lockers to not being able to keep track of kippot to wanting more independence in their school day. Some of the innovation ideas sketched out included a kippah dispensing machine for our hallways and student ID cards that would help facilitate attendance, carpool, and entrance into inner locked doors. The Beit Midrash was full of energy and enthusiasm as students worked through the innovation process. Morah Alex will be continuing to make time available for further exploration and opportunities to take these initial ideas further during designated recess times.