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Kindergarten Water Experiments
Abbe Roth

Kindergarten has shown interest in investigating the qualities of water. They have been experimenting with what materials hold water well, what happens when they mix colors into the water, and what happens to materials that sit in water overnight. Students have also been interested in how to use water to power their ongoing project, the “shrinking machine.” 

Here are some of their observations and actions from mixing the materials with water and letting it sit overnight:

  • One student decided to categorize the water mixtures into four categories: materials that changed, water that changed, both that changed, nothing changed.
  • Some students invited other classmates to view their experiments, which sparked interest in testing other materials.
  • After observing their classmates findings, others wanted to add new materials to water and to categorize their findings by colors.
  • Another student suggested that we sort the experiments by how it feels. 

Intrinsic Motivation

At Chicago Jewish Day School, we offer our students more choices — and more responsibilities. Our educational policies and practices are driven by the central question, “What is the effect on students’ interest in learning, their desire to continue reading, thinking, and questioning?” This question helps to determine what students will and won’t be asked to do. Our goal is for each student to leave Chicago Jewish Day School with a passion for learning along with the academic tools they need to be life-long learners. -CJDS Educational Philosophy