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Our Makerspace is Open for Business!
Jen Minkus

Have you heard? The Mobile Makerspace carts have arrived at CJDS and have started facilitating workshops inside the classrooms! These mobile carts provide materials and resources that foster learning through inquiry. Students from JK to Grade 8 have been immersed in tinkering and playing around with new, interesting, engaging materials that allow for questions like, "How does this work?" "What can I make with this?" "How do these things go together?" Through these questions, students are able to form their own knowledge by creating and interacting with physical objects.

Morah Sarah Wolfe's class used their class theme, "The Robots", to initiate their creative adventure of building their own robots! With help from Morah Alex Treyger, Director of Technology and Digital Learning, students used small building parts to create a robot of their imagination. It was amazing to see so many different creations being made using the exact same set of parts!

In addition to working on their fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking, students wrote stories about their robots after the workshop. You can find the robots on display in their classroom. Students are already talking about creating playgrounds, houses and other exciting things to build for their robots!