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Grade Three Kabbalat Torah and Chicago Fair Culmination
Jen Minkus

Our Grade 3 students demonstrated their remarkable Torah reading skills and knowledge at a Kabbalat Torah ceremony. Students were challenged this year to contemplate their responsibilities, which led them to an in-depth study of the 10 commandments. They stood under a stunning chuppah, symbolic of the day Jews at Sinai received the Torah, which our Rabbis teach us represents a wedding in many ways. It's only the beginning of their journey as Torah scholars, and our hope is that they continue to go from chayil to chayil - strength to strength!  

Afterwards, students led their parents to their classroom to share with them some of their work from the Chicago unit. Throughout this unit, students learned about the important people and events that helped shape our city. Through an inquiry approach, research was the main focus of this unit as we combined reading, writing, art, and music to support the students’ learning. Additionally, at our end of year culmination, students simulated a modern version of the World Fairs that Chicago hosted long ago. In preparation for our fair, student innovators worked in class to create a model of their invention created with recycled materials.