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Kindergarten "Flies" to Israel!
Students began the trip with a visit to the Ben Gurion Museum and a Tel Aviv cafe. From there, they hiked north to the Golan Heights where they played in the Galil. Students learned what it is like to work on a kibbutz, and they cooked and sampled delicious Israeli cuisine as a class.  
The next stop on the trip itinerary was the Bahai Gardens in Haifa. They planted their own gardens full of vegetables and flowers and explored how to care for different plants. The last stop on the trip was Jerusalem, where students built their own Kotel. They wrote special notes to put in the Wall, and also visited a special Jerusalem shuk where they used shekels to buy Israeli treats and toys. They also explored the archeology of Israel with a study of buried ancient artifacts and what they can tell them about life long ago.  Our students ended their trip with a flight home to Chicago and wrote their own travel journals as a souvenir of their trip. We love Israel!