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Kindergarten Animal Shelter!
We discussed what animals need to survive and explored how to best structure and organize different kinds of animal enclosures to keep animals safe and happy. We built our own aquariums and zoos in class using varying materials, and together decided to pursue the idea of building a class animal shelter in connection with the mitzvah of tzar ba’alei chayim (kindness to animals). 
We visited PAWS Chicago to learn more about how animals end up in shelters, how they are taken care of in shelters, and how the adoption process works. This experience inspired us to turn our own classroom animal shelter into a school fundraiser for PAWS.  Each student was responsible for intaking stuffed animals into our shelter, which included naming and drawing each animal and imagining each one’s unique backstory and likes/dislikes. When the time came for adoption day, each kindergartener was responsible for leading their JK-Grade 5 peers through the adoption process. All adopters completed a class-written checklist of responsibilities for caring for animals. The adopters then signed the adoption paper certifying they will be dedicated pet owners. Finally, the Kindergartners and pet adopters recited the Shehecheyanu, commemorating this special, momentous occasion.
Together, the Kindergarten class raised over $210 dollars for PAWS Chicago. Thank you to all our adopters who helped us reach our goal of helping animals!