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Hineni Spotlight: Giving Thanks
Dear Rabbi Frank,

I am writing to you on behalf of the 8th grade students at Chicago Jewish Day School. We just completed our first sugya of Gemara. We learned Brachot 26a and used both your dictionary and the "Gemara card." We could not have survived without it! 

Thank you so much for providing us with this great resource. It has really improved our studies.


Rabbi Frank's response...
Shalom from Jerusalem:

Thank you all for the thank you. You made my day! Compliments are certainly appreciated, and criticism is also welcome -- especially since we are working on making both works more effective.

Learn well, and feel free to write again.

Hodesh tov and Shana tova,

Yitzhak Frank 

Not only did he take the time out of his day to respond to our students, but Rabbi Frank reached out to Moreh Henry and told him how special it was that he heard from our students and even provided him the Teacher's Guide to the Gemara Card to continue the learning! 

One small act of kindness (chesed) can go a long way! Yasher Koach to our students for answering the call of Hineni and being great role models for our student community!