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Grade 8 Science and Engineering: Robotics
Abbe Roth

Grade 8 students continued their space investigation using Lego Mindstorms Robotics. Similar to NASA engineers, our students programmed the rovers to complete specific tasks remotely, as if it were on the surface of a planet, like Mars. They used computational and critical thinking skills to code the rover using a laptop, test their code using the rover, and then go back to the original code and revise it to successfully complete a mission. Students collaborated in teams and if you were to walk in, it looked like a NASA control room!

Thank you to alumni parent, Charlie Abrams (Elizabeth, Alumna Class of 2018), for bringing in the robotics and creating a challenging experience for all! 

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning at CJDS encourages a sense of ownership, allowing students to construct their own learning and make it come to life. Students acquire and apply knowledge in a setting that is both authentic and meaningful. The students will interact directly with the area of study, resulting in an authentic and meaningful learning experience. Rather than merely thinking or reading about the topic, the students live and breathe it!