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Grade 8 Israel Trip: Ta'am Yisrael and CJDS Extension
For the first week, our students join 150 other Grade 8 students all over the Chicagoland area on a the JUF/CFJE's Ta'am YisraelTaste of Israel trip. Ta'am Yisrael: A Taste of Israel is an 8th grade educational experience in Israel designed to give the participants a meaningful, intense, emotional and focused taste of the land and their heritage through a week long, "hands-on" experience in Israel. The CJDS students loved meeting and enjoying Israel with their new Ta'am friends!
For the second week, they came together as a class with CJDS staff for the CJDS Extension! Their days were packed from a walking tour of the Old City to an Israeli cooking class to Save a Child's Heart and even celebrating Purim.
While in Israel, students explore their own Jewish identities, their relationship to the State of Israel, and their connections with the people living in the state by engaging in activities that help them think critically and develop a love for the State of Israel.
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