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Grade 5 Volunteering at Special Olympics
Here's a reflection from a few of the Grade 5 students:
One highlight from yesterday was the games we played with the people. I found it very fascinating how every person did each game in a different and unique way and always got the task done and were proud of it.  This day impacted my life by seeing just how many things these people with disabilities can accomplish. They always managed to complete the task and make it work no matter what condition they were in.  One thing I will take away from this experience is how the special Olympics work and how many talents all of the contestants have.  This trip showed what the Nora friends can really do.
One of the highlights from yesterday was seeing Michael so happy with his silver medal and his big smile. This field trip enabled us to connect and meet more people like our Nora friends and see some of our Nora friends playing games just like us. This field trip made it even more clear in my mind how important it is to include people, and that is what the Nora Project is all about.
It made me feel great that so many people are given an opportunity to compete when they often can't do things other people can. I will take away a sense of amazement at what these people can do despite restricting conditions. It connects with our Nora Project because that was also an opportunity to notice this.
That day impacted my life because it made me realize that there is no difference between me and them, we are all humans who are wired differently.  What I will take away is all the friendship and love that there was in the Special Olympics.