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Grade 5 Integrates Sukkah Specifications with Innovative Design Tools
Jen Minkus

Grade 5 Judaic Studies students combined ancient Rabbinic teachings with modern maker space tools in our sukkah design challenge! After studying the mishnayot (Rabbinic teachings) about what specifications make a kosher sukkah, students got into groups and were challenged with sukkah design questions:

  • How can we build an environmentally-friendly, handicap accessible sukkah?
  • How do you build an especially warm sukkah conducive to the Chicago climate?

Presented with the challenge, students used NASA’s BEST Engineering Design Mode to brainstorm solutions for their challenge. Using Makedo cardboard construction tools, each group began building their sukkah according to the scale model sketches they drew in the design phase. Each team worked to cut, shape, and screw cardboard together to make their sukkah come to life! This was a unique opportunity for our Grade 5 students to integrate what they are learning in Judaic Studies with the hands-on possibilities of the maker space. Thank you, Morah Alex Treyger, for helping to coordinate and make this project happen!