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Grade Eight Skypes with Author Yossi Klein Halevi
Jen Minkus

Grade 8 students had the unique opportunity to Skype with author of the book, Yossi Klein Halevi. Students engaged in a lively discussion about Yossi's writing process and asked thoughtful questions that they had prepared from their discussions over the course of the week. After years spent learning about the faiths of his neighbors, he explained his intention for this book was to teach his neighbors who he is as a Jew. In closing, Yossi encouraged the students to recognize the extraordinary moment in Jewish history we are in, because it follows significant dreams and nightmares that occurred in the 20th century. "What does it mean for us to live in this time?" Yossi asked. "It makes our generation so unique in Jewish history, but we have to figure out what is it we are carrying."