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Mobile Makers Carts are Integrated Within Grade 4 Curriculum
Jen Minkus
Grade 4 student explores Makey Makey
Grade 4 student explores Makey Makey

Director of Digital Learning and Technology, Alex Treyger, works with students and teachers to integrate the Mobile Makers Carts within the curriculum. Students utilize inquiry, design thinking, construction, circuitry, computational thinking, and coding to work collaboratively to solve challenges within their groups. Makey Makey, an invention kit designed to connect everyday objects to computer keys, will be used by Grade 4 within their upcoming electricity unit. 

This year, the curriculum has been slightly reimagined to ensure that students can participate in a safe and engaging environment while using Makey Makey. Students stay socially distanced from each other while finding ways to collaborate through verbal exchanges. One thing that remains unchanged this year is the imagination, discovery, and excitement as students explore these exciting invention kids.