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the diversity of their present and the possibilities for their future.

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Fourth Year Participating in Poetry Pals
During this Wednesday's visit to the Mecca Center, our Grade 4 students had the opportunity to visit a mosque and learn about the particular traditions and customs of Islam. It was a wonderful opportunity to notice and explore the similarities and differences between all of our cultures. Our students also collaborated with their QAS and CPSA peers to create short plays about treating others as you wish to be treated--a value shared by us all. Our final tri-faith meeting culminated in a showcase of these short plays and a pizza lunch. 
At CJDS, our commitment to community extends beyond the classroom and school. We build bridges and create connections with local schools, community centers, and neighboring institutions. CJDS role models what we teach our students: to be active and engaged citizens of multiple communities. We are bridge builders and community builders.