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Students' reflections about the Pushing the Envelope Farm field trip: 

"One of my favorite parts of the farm was just the way everything flowed. I loved that when we built our tents we did it by ourselves. We had the chance to be independent and show our responsibility."

"When we went to the farm, I realized I wished I could be there every day. It was an amazing experience picking the tomatoes from the stem and bringing them to the food bank. I loved giving all the food we harvested! It feels really satisfying knowing where the food I was eating came from and knowing that I might have helped a little bit for those also enjoying it. Another one of my favorite parts was setting up the tents. I had never set up a tent before and it was really fun working together as a team to get it done."

"I thought that getting a tour of the envelope factory was really special because people who get the customized envelopes might not think about how much thought goes into creating each one. I know I didn't. Meeting the man who designed the machines and programmed them to make an exact cut or draw in a certain font was really great because he could answer any questions we had about the machines."