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Everything S'more Fun in Grade 1!
Abbe Roth

This week in the Grade One classrooms, they read Bailey Goes Camping by Kevin Henkes. Students reenacted the book by participating in all of the same activities that Bailey does on his "campout." The students dressed "down" by wearing pajamas and brought sleeping bags or blankets to fully participate in the camping experience. Just like Bailey's "campout," the students used their imaginations to simulate the sequence of Bailey's adventure: "roast" marshmallows, "eat" hot dogs, and make s'mores. They went swimming, fishing, on a bear hunt (for pictures of bears), lived in a tent, listened to ghost stories and fell asleep under the stars. It was a wonderful experience for all and a great opportunity to really bring the book to life!

Experiential learning is at the core of our CJDS education. Students acquire and apply knowledge in a setting that is both authentic and meaningful. Rather than merely thinking or reading about the topic, the students live and breathe it!