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Grade 8 Builds Interactive Chanukkah Displays
Jen Minkus

Last week, Morah Lianne's Grade 8 Judaic Studies students embarked on an inquiry-based project with the goal of making two interactive displays for Chanukkah.

Students learned Rabbinic texts about Chanukkah and translated that knowledge into something engaging and interactive for the entire school to enjoy. Under the guidance of Morah Alex, Director of Technology and Digital Learning, they created thematic objects, such as buttons, to activate informational recordings about the holiday when pressed. Students worked collaboratively to design the experience both visually and technologically. They wired LED lights and the buttons to a Makey Makey and Raspberry Pi and coded the responses using Scratch.

This new experience enabled Grade 8 students to use their topic knowledge while exploring new types of technology in an authentic way. We are excited for the entire school to interact with these festive, innovative displays. Make sure to try out both of the displays, located in the front hall of the first floor and in the breakout space of the second floor!