Educating our children in the richness of their past,
the diversity of their present and the possibilities for their future.

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Benefits of a Dual Curriculum

Recent studies suggest that people who master more than one language build a more resilient brain, are more proficient at multi-tasking, and are better able to set priorities.

Chicago Jewish Day School students begin learning Hebrew from day one, and these young minds quickly gain proficiency in a second language. This not only provides them with a sound cultural foundations, but also wires their brains to accelerate learning in all academic subjects. Our dual curriculum teaches our children both knowledge and values, in both Judaic and General Studies. We seek to nurture students who are not only literate, but who also are empowered to become educated members of the Jewish and general community through the skills, values, and experiences that they acquire. The use of Hebrew as a spoken language coupled with our progressiveintegrated and experiential curriculum develop children’s capacity for complex learning.

The study of sacred and Biblical texts develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Managing a dual curriculum promotes organizational and time management skills which lead to solid study habits. Chicago Jewish Day School’s challenging and thought provoking curriculum prepares graduates well for advanced study. Most of all, however, Chicago Jewish Day School promotes and fosters ethical and moral identity development in each individual child.