Chicago Jewish Day School

Bruchim Ha’bayim (Welcome) from Director of Admissions

Cortney Stark CopeAt Chicago Jewish Day School, children are inspired by a progressive and fully integrated academic curriculum that uses Judaism to inform and enhance the quality of the education. We educate the whole child, recognizing that social emotional growth builds academic strength and overall success. We understand that your child is an individual with specific interests, strengths, and challenges that are unique to them. Our teachers capitalize on what makes your child great and, through our commitment to small class sizes and our choice of curricula, differentiate based on who your child is.

When you walk into Chicago Jewish Day School, you will immediately notice that our students are happy. You will see them totally engaged, excited to be here, eager to learn. In the end, we believe that the goal of education is to create lifelong learners – a person who loves learning, knows how to ask questions, think deeply, and engage in the world around him or her.

The best way to understand the true value of a Chicago Jewish Day School education is to come see it for yourself. I offer tours every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning by appointment. It is never too early to learn more about what makes Chicago Jewish Day School simply extraordinary.


Cortney Stark Cope
Director of Admissions
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