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Our CJDS Rams have the opportunity to compete in a variety of team and individual sports. With a successful track record of boys and girls volleyball, basketball and cross country, the athletics program will continue to add more competitive opportunities.

Our Rams have represented CJDS in competitive play at over 25 schools and have competed in athletic events against more than 40 local schools. CJDS hosts other schools for league games in both volleyball and basketball. With the addition of a home court, the Rams now enjoy playing games among with a community of friends and family to support them. 

Our athletes add immense excitement to the CJDS culture as they represent our school and experience growing together as a team.

How the CJDS Ram Was Born

Grade Four and Five students participated in a hands-on experiential election unit during the same time as the 2012 United States Presidential Election. They spearheaded a school-wide election to choose the first CJDS mascot. The students held their own “primaries” and “caucuses” in order to narrow the nominees to two finalists. The students from each “party” campaigned for their candidate. the official CJDS Mascot Election Day was Monday, November 5, 2012, when faculty, staff, and every student in Kindergarten-Grade 8 had the chance to head to the polls and vote. In the end, everyone at CJDS won because we have a new school mascot: the Ram!

Athletics Team

Eric Lindau
Athletics Director

Molly Rubin
Cross Country Coach