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#KitesForFreedom: Middle School Joins Kibbutz Kfar Aza in Global Initiative 🇮🇱
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For the past 40 years on October 7, residents of Kibbutz Kfar Aza have held  a kite festival organized by Aviv Kotz z'l. Their kites displayed messages of peace for their nearby neighbors in Gaza to see - messages of hope that one day their communities can live side by side as peaceful neighbors. Their message each year was, "When they fly missiles at us, we will fly kites." Residents did not have the chance this past October 7 and Aviv and his entire family including his wife, Livnat, and his three children, Yonatan, Yiftach, and Rotem, were murdered.

Now, over a month after the deadly terrorist attack, members of the kibbutz are leading a network campaign with the hashtag #kitesforfreedom for the children held by Hamas in Gaza. On Thursday, a kite-flying event was held in Charles Claure Park in Tel Aviv.

On Thursday at CJDS, Middle School students designed their own kites with messages of support for Israel and their hope for the return of all hostages. #kitesforfreedom #bringthemhome

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