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Let the Purim Fun Begin!
  • Early Childhood
  • Jewish Campus Life

If there's one holiday our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students eagerly await it's Purim! There is so much to learn and create as they study the meaning of the holiday. Kindergarten students have put on their engineer and architect hats as they worked worked together to build a large castle. They used pulleys to hang a draped ceiling and built a throne. Students have enjoyed using their armon (castle) to act out the Purim play. Beardy even joined the fun playing the role of Melech Achashverosh!

Students have also engaged in "reading" and investigating the Megillah and expressing their thoughts and ideas about castles through a variety of the hundred languages (i.e.. building, drawing, painting, and more).

Junior Kindergarten students have also been building a palace using big blocks and fabrics. This week they made their own crowns and puppets to act out the Purim story in a block palace they created. A few students students took on the role of making tickets and selling popcorn to the audience. We can't wait to for the Purim exploration to continue in the next two weeks!