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Grade 3 Students Prepare Fry Bread, a Traditional Indigenous Food
  • Lower School

Grade 3 students participated in a hands-on culinary adventure as they learned to make and enjoy fry bread, a traditional Indigenous food. The classroom kitchen buzzed with excitement as students mixed the ingredients, kneaded the dough, and learned about the significance of fry bread in Indigenous cultures. They experimented with both sweet and savory variations. From jam and powdered sugar to beans and cheese, the diverse toppings provided a palette of flavors that left the young chefs eager for more.

As part of the cross-cultural exploration, students compared their fry bread creations with other fried foods traditionally enjoyed during Hanukkah. The significance of oil in both culinary traditions provided a natural bridge for discussing the cultural importance of these fried delicacies. From latkes to sufganiyot, students explored the similarities and differences, gaining a deeper understanding of the diverse ways in which food brings people together.