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Ready for Takeoff! Kindergarten Simulates Israel Trip
  • Early Childhood
  • Reggio Emilia-Inspired Learning

Kindergarten students have been engaged in some amazing inquiry-based and experiential learning over the past few weeks with the guidance of their teachers, Moriah Bradley, Carly Humes, Jenny Levine, and Susie Lorge. Students expressed interest in participating in an imaginary trip to Israel, and the level of detail and their dedication has been remarkable. Some students worked together to build an elaborate airplane with a galley kitchen and cockpit. Others decided to build an airport, mapping out different areas of the airport and using a variety of languages to execute their vision. Some students incorporated their literacy skills by writing signs and making labels, and others assumed the roles of several essential jobs, including security agents and passport control agents. Once on the airplane, the pilots led their passengers through take-off, followed by flight attendants passing out Israeli snacks, an in-flight movie, and, of course, the recitation of the Tefilat Haderech (The Traveler's Prayer). They even had the opportunity to Zoom with an El Al flight attendant (a friend of Morah Nitsan) and ask questions about her job.

Before their departure, a group of students formed a planning committee to choose the places they wanted to visit. Their first stop was "landing" in Tel Aviv at Ben Gurion Airport. Then they visited Jerusalem where they wrote letters and put them in the Kotel and visited the shuk. On Lag B'Omer, students visited the artists' village of Ein Hod where they created their own mezzuzah and Hamsa. Next week, they will visit the Dead Sea and an Israeli bakery. They will Zoom with archeologist and alumni grandparent Fran Alpert who created, along with her husband Bernie, Dig For A Day in Israel. Students will go to Tel Aviv where they will eat at a cafe, "swim" in the sea (water feature), and listen to Israeli pop music by the beach. Next week they will be "flying" home to Chicago. We hope our young travelers enjoyed this momentous class trip!