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Kindergarten Students Return From Simulated Israel Trip, Culminate Experience With Their Families
  • Early Childhood
  • Reggio Emilia-Inspired Learning

On Friday morning Kindergarten families accompanied their children on the last leg of their Israel trip before flying back home. After hearing some beautiful singing from their proud Kindergarten graduates, each student received an exquisite, handmade name plate displaying their Hebrew name made by their teacher, Susie Lorge. Afterward, students took their parents back to the classrooms so that they could see the many ways their children had been immersed in experiential learning in Israel. 

Since last week's Chadashot, these young travelers visited the Dead Sea, experienced an archeological dig, heard from a guest airline pilot, and swam and relaxed on the beach in Tel Aviv. They even met with Grade 8 students to hear about their Israel trip and had so many thoughtful questions for them. As one Kindergarten teacher thoughtfully pointed out at the culmination, the Israel Trip simulation that all of our students experience in Kindergarten sticks with them and grows one day into the love and pride they have for Israel when they go on their Grade 8 trip. The connection feels especially powerful this year.