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An Interest in Composting & Planting Leads to a JK Worm Farm 🪱
  • Early Childhood

It's getting wormy in JK in the best possible way! Students have become interested in both composting and planting during the past few months. To expand upon this learning, together with their teachers, the classes created a worm farm! Students helped to prepare the worms’ new home by first ripping up newspaper, which helped strengthen fine motor skills. Facilities Staff Member Efren DeLuna, who is always available to lend a hand, assisted JK in drilling holes in the bin that are big enough for the worms to breathe but small enough so that they can't escape. Students then layered the worm farm with newspaper and soil, sprayed them with water, and added the worms. We wish the newest caretakers the best of luck as they tend to their new pets!