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Let the Experiments Begin! A Peak Into Middle School Science Classes
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There's no time to waste in Middle School Science! Science Teachers Alex Randhava (Grades 7 and 8) and Bari Ross (Grade 6) have introduced students to the first units of the school year. In Morah Bari's classes this week, students have been deeply engaged in a 'hail in a test tube' experiment. With a mixture of anticipation and curiosity, they carefully combined the ingredients, watching as liquid transforms into a mesmerizing dance of ice crystals within the confines of the test tube.

In Alex Randhava's Grade 7 classes students are confronting a vexing medical problem - a patient with a leaky aortic valve. They have defined what a properly functioning valve must do, and now they are building artificial valves to accomplish those specific goals. Will they open with just 1N of force, close tightly to prevent leakage, and have the durability to function for years? After constructing the valves students will put them to the test to find out.