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100 Days: A Milestone to Celebrate!
  • Early Childhood
  • Lower School
  • Math

Wednesday was no ordinary day at CJDS. It was, in fact, a milestone to celebrate because it was the 100th day of school! Students in several grades had a blast while engaging in many festivities and learning opportunities:

Kindergarten baked a 100 day cake and had a parade for the 100th day. They organized various items into a 100 day museum and became shopkeepers for their 100 day goody bags. They ate 100 day pretzels, read 100 day books, and enjoyed all the activities. 

Grade 1 students were excited to celebrate the milestone of being "100 days smarter" than they were on the first day of school! After reflecting on how much they've learned and grown, students focused on math, writing, art and Hebrew projects all related to the number 100. One hundred stickers on a crown, one hundred Cheerios on a necklace, one hundred words they know how to write...and more!

Grade 2 joined in the festivities by sharing their favorite memories from the past 100 days and what they're looking forward to for the rest of the school year. They made 100 day monsters with 10 different groups of 10 items to accessorize. As part of a math game, they made necklaces with 100 Cheerios. 

Grade 3 celebrated by choosing a favorite memory from the first 100 days of school and dressing in a way to reflect that memory. 

Grade 4 students brought from their homes 100 items from all types of collections. They enjoyed a fun activity of lining up all of the items outside their classroom and were astounded to see that the items extended the length of the hallway two times over!