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Grade 5 Upstanders Present Argumentative Essays at Culmination
  • Humanities
  • Judaic Studies
  • Lower School

One of the major focuses of Grade 5's Holocaust study has been learning about upstanders and how to stand up to injustice. Each student selected a topic they felt passionate about and thoroughly researched it, discovering why the topic deserves our full attention. They gathered evidence to construct their arguments, addressed a counterargument, and created an action plan. This evolved into a well-crafted and thoughtful five-paragraph argumentative essay that was shared at their culmination on Tuesday evening. 

Additionally, students learned about the Resistance Movement and the Righteous Among the Nations. Last week, students showcased their knowledge and understanding of a rescuer that was deemed Righteous Among the Nations. They researched and took on the persona of their rescuer to answer questions in a panel discussion. They listened to Holocaust survivors and their relatives share their stories at school and at the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie on Wednesday. Students were so lucky to have the tour led by CJDS grandparent Doris Lazarus.

At their culmination, students presented what they've been working on in Hebrew in connection to their Holocaust unit in General Studies. Students conducted research on disasters around the world where צה״ל (the IDF) has sent aid missions. They learned about instances where Israel has chosen to be upstanders, providing critical assistance in times of need. Through this project, they gained a deeper understanding of the significance of taking action and standing up for others.