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Grade 3 Scientists Put Their Muscles To Work
  • Lower School
  • Science

As part of their Human Body unit learning, Grade 3 students recently embarked on an exciting science experiment diving into the secrets of the human body using chicken and lamb bones and vinegar. Students eagerly observed the bone's characteristics before predicting what would happen when it met vinegar. Placing the bone in the acidic liquid, the young scientists will document changes over time, ultimately comparing the bone's initial and final states. This hands-on exploration introduces the concept of decalcification, showcasing the effects of vinegar on bones' structures, and opens the door to conversations about healthy choices we can make to support bone strength. 

This week students began studying the muscular system. They discussed the importance of exercising regularly by finding a method of exercise that you love, like playing sports, dancing, or running. Through Israeli dancing and doing exercises to strengthen various muscle groups, students actively engaged their muscles, gaining firsthand knowledge of how they work and where the important muscle groups are in their body. They even held a Grade 3 wall sit competition with winners clocking in at 7.5 minutes!