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Grade 2 Students & Parents Simulate Ellis Island Experience
  • Lower School

On Tuesday morning the Grade 2 classrooms and breakout spaces were transformed into an Ellis Island simulation for students and their families. Over the past few weeks, students have taken a deep dive into the topic of immigration, specifically through the lens of Jewish immigrants traveling through Ellis Island. They explored different Jewish immigrant stories and their reasons for coming to the United States while learning about their own family's immigration story.

As students prepared for the exciting day, they spent time collaborating to create an authentic Ellis Island experience. They created suitcases and assumed the role of a character to help them understand what the journey and experience might have been like. Tuesday's journey began as students read the Tefilat Haderech (Traveler's Prayer) in Hebrew. They then had to pass medical, legal, literacy, and baggage screenings and go through customs. If they did not pass the first time, they had to get back in line and try again. Once they entered America, students enjoyed a few activities with their families before concluding by singing the Shehecheyanu and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Todah rabah to Grade 2 families for accompanying their children in this immersive experience!

The day was followed by a field trip to the Swedish Museum on Wednesday. Students had a blast learning about the Swedish immigration experience and immersing themselves in everything the museum had to offer. In the coming weeks, students will continue their immigration study as they pivot their focus the toward modern day immigration experience.