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Self Portraits Across the Grades
  • Art
  • Lower School

How does our incredible art teacher, Rachel Treister, teach the study of self portraits in several different grades? Like everything else she approaches, masterfully! Read on for a glimpse into how students in Grades 2, 3, and 4 have been studying self portraits before making their own masterpieces.

Grade 2 looked at the work of painter Henri Matisse.  They learned that he started out as a painter, sculptor and printmaker and later in life became wheelchair bound.  As a result, he became interested in cut paper collage.  Students mimicked his style of cutting out brightly colored paper in various shapes to create a self-portrait.  

Grade 3 created 3-dimensional self portraits.  They used mirrors to sketch their facial features onto cardboard and applied acrylic paint to match their skin and hair color.  Using plastic containers, students created plaster bases on which they mounted their portraits.

Grade 4 looked at the life and work of the Italian Jewish artist Amadeo Modigliani.  Students learned about how the artist elongated the necks of his subjects and gave them flat facial features.  Using oil pastels, they tried their hand at creating a self portrait in this style.