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Grade 1 Celebrates Reading & Hebrew Achievements
  • Hebrew
  • Lower School
  • Social Emotional Skills

It's been an especially exciting week to be in Grade 1! Rarely a grade that's shy to perform, students celebrated reaching reading milestones with a Talent Show on Wednesday. They dazzled with all types of acts - poetry reading, gymnastics, karate, breakdancing, comedy, and more. The acts were creative and entertaining, but most special of all was the kavod (respect) students demonstrated toward one another as they enjoyed each other's performances.

Thursday included another fun celebration of educational success. Grade 1 Hebrew and Judaic Studies Teachers Penina Berdugo and Nadine Linton introduced the "tet" story about a chef who makes burnt toast a few times before eventually making good toast and students enjoyed toast with each chocolate (שוקולד) or jam (ריבה) spread.